Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE)

Total Control of the Epidemic – the TCE program to fight HIV/ AIDS was created in 1999 by Humana People to People and first implemented in Zimbabwe in the year 2000.
Today 10 years later the TCE program has been implemented in 10 countries and reached out to more than 10 million people at individual level through more than 5.000 TCE Field Officers.
The fight has been intensified over the years, many times the TCE Commanders leading the fight have met at the Humana People to People Headquarters in Zimbabwe to report, debate and develop the program, to raise the goals and benchmarks and to demand ever more from each other in this intense fight and to confirm to one another never to rest until the virus is beaten and AIDS is stopped.


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TCE has so far covered half of the population of Botswana, 2/3 of the population of Namibia, and reached millions of people in Mozambique, South Africa, Angola, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC as well as India and China. Humana People to People is still in the process of approaching many partners for funding for more TCE Areas in these and other countries worldwide where there is a dire need for a systematic and intensive intervention such as TCE to work with the people, Governments and other organizations to fight the epidemic.
Here we quote the TCE Book that was launched in the year 2008 at the TCE Field Officer Gathering in Maputo Mozambique where 2 366 Field Officers met to share and exchange experiences.
“The Federation HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE decided 10 years ago to partake in the popular front against the HIV virus attacks. In ‘Total Control of the Epidemic’ HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE outlined its TCE Program in which the central theme was and is, the necessary mobilization of the people’s own powers, and in which the central efforts rests with the people themselves as the fighting power against the invisible foe.
During the last decade a Global Community has grown strong and forces within it have developed a global communion around fighting HIV/AIDS. It has been a privilege of the Federation HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE to become an active part thereof. “

It further says in the TCE Book about the program:
“The TCE program is characterized by its ingenious and systematic approach to fight the world wide serious calamity of HIV/AIDS – and emerging plague threatening the lives of millions of people throughout the world.
Humana People to People with the TCE Program has developed an approach and a practice of how to systematically wage war against the intricate virus of HIV the ensuing disease of AIDS following in its wake. HIV/AIDS is high profile and modern reaper of death, especially in poor settings where conditions are dire and treatment is scarcely available.
The main strategy of the TCE program against HIV/AIDS is expressed in one simple sentence:
“Only the people can liberate themselves from AIDS – the epidemic.”

This philosophy is formulated from the experience and insight that in poorer countries the “normal” health system itself – although harboring the best of intentions – is no match for the challenge of the HIV virus. Thus, other defense systems have to assist in arresting and eradicating the infection and the disease in its tracks. It also stems from the well known and often proved fact, that the people themselves, when knowledgeable and mobilized, are capable of acquiring a crucial impact on the proliferation and the process of transmission of any disease. Also that this is a factual and negotiable road open for people who do not pose the necessary knowledge and means to be able to avoid the HIV virus, let alone pay, for the treatment needed to keep alive in the face of the disease caused by HIV.”
Here we quote from the first pamphlet of TCE from the year 2000: “The TCE program divides the country into TCE Areas. The Areas – each of them incorporation a population of 100.000 people – are then organized so that the enemy – that is the HIV virus and the AIDS illnesses following from the virus – can be intensively battered until it is OUT OF control , and the people are IN CONTROL. Thus the TCE program is a People’s Liberation effort, mobilizing all the people and forces of one Area after the other, across Southern Africa to root out the virus.”

Today 10 years later we can say that TCE has made its impact and played a role in the concerted fight against HIV/AIDS, but much more has to be done in order to gain control in Southern Africa.
We invite you to read this report and join us in the fight with funds for more TCE, with technical support and with your personal support so together we can root out the enemy once and for all.