DAPP Private School

The main objective of the DAPP Private School is to educate children in Grades 1-10 and to lead them through the state administered examinations. The general aim is the element of development for each learner for him/her to become active and to be part of the national effort of creating a better future. The school is designed to give quality education. It is open to all learners from the age of 6. The school has room for 335 learners in Grades 1-10.


The effects of the project


Examination results during the past 5 years


School year Grade 1-9
Average pass rate
Grade 10
Pass rate
2008 97% 70%
2009 99% 78.5%
2010 94% 90%
2011 97% 76.7
2012 93% 93.3%


The school principal, Mr. Auwa received price as 2nd best performing Mathematics Teacher in the region. The school bought a new bus at the beginning of 2012. The school transports learners from far to school and back in the mornings and the afternoons. The school renovated a classroom to use a computer room and 20 new computers were purchased. The computer room/laboratory is ready to be used for the next school year and the school hopes that it will ensure that children achieve better results.







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