The Farmers’ Clubs program is implemented in Kavango Region in 5 constituencies namely; Mukwe, Ndiyona, Mashare, Rundu Rural East and Kapako reaching out to 20 villages.
The purpose is to assist and train 1000 small scale farmers in order to increase their agricultural production through improved climate-smart methods and functional organization. The Farmers’ Clubs is implemented in cooperation with Namibia Nature Foundation, UFF Finland, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry and the Local and Traditional Authorities and is funded by the European Union.

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The members in the clubs are trained in the following primary activities such as:

  • Diversifying crops production and vegetable garden farming using irrigations from the river.
  • Sustainable farming methods (conservation agriculture) to ensure long-term growth
  • Planning, budgeting and access to markets for selling surplus production


All clubs recognize the importance of working together in order to secure better access to local markets with women being the primary beneficiaries. Once basic food security has been achieved, the opportunity to sell surplus produce becomes a major incentive and driver of increasing the sustainable agricultural output.


The responses so far
Local authorities are in full support of the program and community members are well mobilized through the headmen who are part of the program activities. Twenty clubs with 50 farmers in each area have been established.

The project has the potential to strengthen relationships and improve the livelihood of the people in the communities.