Making condoms available in shebeen across Namibia.


Poster condoms

A Partnership between the Ministry of Health and Social Services and Namibia Breweries Ltd, facilitated by DAPP Namibia, funded by GIZ and supported by health workers. 



The Ministry of Health and Social Services provides Smile condoms free of charge across Namibia.  Its main condom distribution channels are via health facilities.  To provide an increased and more stable supply of condoms in Ohangwena,  Namibia Breweries has partnered up with the Ministry of Health and Social Services to provide  Shebeen across Ohangwena with Smile condoms. 


The aims of the project are to:

1) Make condoms more easily accessible in the community

2)  Increase the number of Smile condoms distributed in Ohangwena

3)Ensure a reliable and stable suply of condoms

4)Determine demand for condoms to inform rollout to othe regions

  The role of DAPP/TCE:

DAPP/TCE has more than 80 field officers across Ohangwena.  DAPP/TCE is therefore ideally placed to support the success of teh project on the ground.

DAPP/TCE preformed the following activities:

1)  Regularly visit Namibia Breweries customers to inform them about the Project

2)  Visit shebeens to ensure condoms are available

3)  Promote condom usage

4)  Monitor number of condoms distributed and communicate to stakeholders. 


Achievements and overall impact

3,001,464 condoms were distributed in different constituencies in the Ohangwena Region during the period of 01/05/2014 to 30/06/2016, which was closer to meeting the needs. 


The project is ready to expand the programme to further regions and GIZ has worked with DAPP and MOHSS to ensure that such an expansion can be done in a sustainable manner without the need for long - term external resources.