FNB Foundation, BENN Namibia and SunCycles donates 11 Electrical Bicycles


FNB Foundation in collaboration with BENN Namibia and SunCycles Namibia donates 11 Electrical Bicycles (E-Bikes) to DAPP Vocational Training School.
The students from the course: Kindergarten Teacher of the Future (KToF) happily received 11 E-bicycles on the 16th of April 2016. These E-bikes will help the students to reach rural kindergartens where the students do their professional practices.  
20 students and 3 teachers participated in a one day training workshop on the use and maintenance of the E-bikes under the theme “Using solar e-bikes to improve health and social services over Namibia’s vast distances”, financed by FNB Foundation. The workshop was facilitated by BENN Namibia and SunCycles Namibia.





Demonstration on the maintenance of the E-bikes

Students with their electrical bicycles and maintenance kits




As the country’s first electric mobility service provider, SunCycles designed a local product that answers to a global demand for renewable energy and sustainable mobility:  The SunCycle.  Build in Namibia, by Namibians, and designed for Namibian travel conditions, the SunCycle is a solar powered electric bicycle suited for all local mobility needs: easy to use, reliable and affordable.